Peter Weber was born to fly.

You might have seen Peter appear on ABC’s hit show, The Bachelor, where he was able to share his love of flying with the world.

You could say Peter was born into an aviation family; with both of his parents flying for United Airlines during his childhood, he grew fond of the sky at a young age. Growing up in Southern California, Peter would take flight lessons during college, and always loved to inspire others who have a similar interest. Peter’s hope is that his first book, The Adventures of Pilot Pete, inspires children all around the world to pursue their dreams … whether that be flying or any other adventure they pursue.

A must-read for any boy or girl who loves airplanes!

This book, Peter’s first, follows a young Peter as his father inspires in him a love of airplanes. Peter grows up but never loses his wonder with human flight, and, after years of long hours and intense study, achieves a lifelong dream.

Told in an easy-to-read, approachable tone and gorgeously illustrated to highlight the characters’ emotions, The Adventures of Pilot Pete will instill values in children that every parent desires: the courage to follow their dreams, the pluck to fight through hard times, and a deep appreciation for friends and family.

A portion of each order will support Pilots for Kids, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping hospitalized children.

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